Posts from October 2020


It is time for yet another installment of the senselessness we call “time change.” At least we fall back and get an extra hour of sleep. So change those clocks back before Sunday morning and then wake up refreshed for church!

Baby Bottle Compaign

Here’s a message from Ashley Coggins at PACN: Thank you so much for continuing to partner with us in our Change for Life Baby Bottle Campaign! This season has certainly brought on new challenges, but we appreciate all your continued efforts in helping us serve our community, fighting for the unborn, and making His light shine.I wanted to let you know that your church brought in $1,330.36! You have 12 bottles that haven’t been turned in yet, so if more…

Worship Director

A very big welcome to John Golike, our new Director of Worship Ministries! We are very excited to have John as part of our church family. If you have not met him yet, let me encourage you to reach out to him. Welcome, John!