Family Resources

Resources for Parents

  • Shepherding a Child’s Heart by Ted Tripp
  • Instructing a Child’s Heart by Ted Tripp
  • Give Them Grace by Elyse Fitzpatrick
  • Treasuring Christ When Your Hands are Full by Gloria Furman
  • Show Them Jesus: Teaching the Gospel to Kids by Jack Klumpenhower
  • Parenting in the Pew by Robbie Fox Castelman

Bibles and Devotionals

  • Jesus Storybook Bible by Sally Lloyd-Jones
  • Big Picture Bible by David Helm
  • The Biggest Story by Kevin De Young
  • Gospel Story Bible by Marty Machowski
  • Long Story Short: Ten Minute Devotions to Draw Your Family to God by Marty Machowski
  • Exploring Grace Together by Jessica Thompson
  • God’s Names, God’s Promises, God’s Word, God’s Wisdom et al by Sally Michael

Catechism Resources for Family Worship and Learning

  • Ask Me Whooo music series by Diana Beach Batarseh, available at
  • Big Truths for Little Kids by Susan Hunt and Richie Hunt
  • Training Hearts, Teaching Minds by Starr Meade

Biographies for Children

  • Christian Biographies for Young Readers series by Simonetta Carr
  • Christian Heroes, Then and Now series by Geoff and Janet Benge