Special Announcement

Greetings TCAAB family,

Like many of you, we have been monitoring the Coronavirus and COVID-19 situation carefully. While some in our nation and community have been completely dismissive of the threat, others have gone into full-on panic mode. Biblical wisdom requires us to avoid both of these extremes.

God is in control and our future is secure in him, therefore we do not need to be afraid or anxious. Yet, he still calls us to walk in wisdom and sacrificial love.

We have consulted with the TEBA office and other area churches regarding Sunday’s service. We have also been particularly helped by the fact that one of our elders is the Director of Emergency Management for Texas Children’s Hospital and has been able to give us a unique perspective.

Based on these discussions, we have decided not to gather this Sunday for worship. Also, there will be no Bridge Groups next week.

However, we are asking you to do four things.

First, join us in your homes on Sunday at 10am. Even though we cannot gather in one location, we can still gather in spirit at one time. We do not have the ability to live-stream a whole service, but I will be sending out a link with a special message (probably Saturday night). Let me strongly encourage your family to get together at 10am and worship together.

Second, we will join all other SBC churches in making this Sunday a concentrated day of prayer. Along with the forthcoming link, I will send out a prayer guide for your use on Sunday and beyond.

Third, please let us know if you have any physical needs during this time. Whether you or your family are feeling sick or you find yourself with practical needs (groceries, food, toilet paper), please email us so we can help.

Finally, this pandemic is an amazing opportunity for us to show the peaceful, calming love of Christ. Regardless of whether or not you believe people are blowing this out of proportion, there are many who are genuinely scared and afraid. This is not the time to show smug indifference; this is a time for us to show our loving, evangelistic confidence in the God of all comfort and peace.

For the preeminence of Christ,
Pastor Nick and the Elders